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Terms and Conditions


  • “Indian Jewellery Directory (IJD)” in its all forms shall include the organisation its partners and all office bearers.
  • “Subscriber” shall be any person who subscribes for the services of IJD.
  • “Fees” shall include all subscription fees paid by the subscriber to IJD for services to be rendered.
  • “Services” shall include but not restrict to listing of name, address and other details of the subscriber.
  • “Term” of subscription shall be limited to one year unless otherwise expressly provided by IJD.
  • “Directory”  shall by all means mean the web directory hosted by IJD



  • The purpose of this website is to fill the communication gap in jewellery industry.
  • After a period of ten days from payment of the subscription fees, the subscriber should verify that information about him/her/it has been posted on the site. If there exists a error or no information is posted the site the same is to be brought to notice of IJD.
  • The information posted on the site has been collected from the respective subscribers of the site and the information provided by them has been published considering them to be correct. The subscribers are solely responsible for the authenticity of the data. IJD is in no way responsible for the quality of the data.
  • Any transaction whether economic or otherwise occurring between subscriber and or non subscriber, the parties involved shall be solely responsible for any agreement. It is here clarified that the parties should observe prudence and apply due diligence for the all transaction amongst them. IJD, in anyway, shall not be responsible for the same.
  • The data published on the site shall not be used for any illegal or contraband activity. The same should be used responsibly and in good faith. Any misuse of the same shall attract legal measures along with no responsibility of the publishers for the same.
  • All registered members undertake to vouch for the accuracy of the data posted on the site.
  • If there is any change in the information of the subscriber, the subscriber shall on his own instance inform IJD by way of email or letter sent to the registered office of IJD.
  • In case of a dispute regarding the description or Logo amongst the subscriber or other parties, the concerned parties shall sort out the matter directly without any involvement or prejudice to IJD.
  • IJD shall not be responsible for any loss caused to the subscriber due to any internet down time, any activity of nature or any activity which is beyond its control.
  • IJD has full rights whatsoever to alter all or any terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • The term shall be shortened or lengthened by IJD with a prior notice and consent from the subscriber.
  • The subscription fees once paid shall not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • IJD shall be free to share publish or print the data in any manner whatsoever without the consent of the subscriber.
  • The subscriber shall abide by the law of a land.
  • All information and data submitted by the subscriber shall become the property of IJD. However all such information shall be kept strictly confidential and IJD shall not release any such data and information to any third party without the prior consent of the User.

Indian Jewellery Directory (IJD)